Artist Statement

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I have had the good fortune to travel extensively to many countries and fill my senses with different smells, sounds, tastes, and sights. I prowl new areas looking for that special moment to photograph and capture a form, an expression, a light or a thought. Since, I know I will unlikely travel this road again, the  timing and precision are often keys, often feeling like a Nomadic Photographer.

Upon returning home, each photograph is carefully analyzed, sculpted and revitalized to reflect the feeling it initially created. I work each image, until I find a perfect combination of color, grace, energy, light and sparkle, maintaining its integrity and emotion. 

The beauty of form and color which is found everywhere from the most mundane to the most majestic evokes within me deep appreciation for living. A Buddhist monk reading in a doorway at the oldest Buddhist temple in China, the glistening parade mask in Venice, a statuette outside São Paulo, an old lady counting her money in Kiev, the resting butterfly at Xochimilco in Mexico, the explosive abstraction from a floor where a painter was completing his or her art at Rubell Gallery in Miami, all make me feel alive.

Venice, Italy
Life Savings

Biography of William Hough

Untitled photo

William D. Hough has spent most of his life living and traveling in foreign lands. Born in Brazil, he has worked and/or lived in various Latin American countries, the US, Asia and Europe. He speaks several languages and is fascinated by different peoples and cultures. Photography has always been a part of his life and covers a wide array of themes, colors, designs, and forms.

In 2005, he created Bonita Photos to capture the beauty around us. In 2009, he visited Venice at the request of local merchants to do commercial photographs. 

In 2012, a work entitled “The Wailing Wall” was added to the private collection of Joseph and Toby Tanenbaum. Mr. Tanenbaum was a leading art contributor to fine arts and museums in Ontario, Canada.

In 2015, Bill had a three month exhibit in Wynwood, Miami. The following year, Bill had a very exciting exhibition of eight original abstracts at the Kendall Art Center in Kendall, Miami. One of his photographs, "The Rainbow Woman", is now part of the permanent collect of the Kendall Art Center. 

Bill is the author of several books of photography including "Flowers - The splendid beauty around us" (2007); "Faces - The reflection of humanity" (2007); “The Best of Bonita Photos" (2008); "Color Strike" (2012), and "Sophisticates" (2015), a tribute to the beautiful women whose images he has captured during his travels. Click here to view.

Most recently he produced an ebook "Gotcha, Click!: A Humanist's Guide to Street Photography". He has had exhibitions in Massachusetts, and in Florida. Most recently, Bill had a very exciting exhibit of eight abstract photographs at the Kendall Art Center in Miami. 


"Magnificent work !!! As always !! The book of Abstract that l bought last year is a MUST to have, so beautiful, love it !! Thanks Mr. Hough you are a great artist, keep on moving and giving us such an extraordinary and splendid pieces of art." - Leonor, Peru

"You have a way with color." - Walter, Massachusetts

"This is truly beautiful." - Angela, Massachusetts

"A wonderful assortment of abstracts from around the world! Love your gallery." - Maria, Mexico

"Bill Hough's stunning images explode with color and beauty, harvested from all over the world with his exquisite eye. High praise is in order!" - David, North Carolina

"Awesome !! The colors are so amazing that you can almost feel you are there !! Congrats Bill" - Roseli, Florida

"I've just started exploring your gallery and am in awe of your technique and eye for color and beauty! A true artist indeed!" - Joann, Massachusetts

"You are a true artist! What marvelous images! Your work is beautifully composed -- and there is great variety of subjects and styles." - Peter, Oregon

"I bought your book, Color Strike, on Blurb, and just received it. Nicely done and simply beautiful." - Brad, Massachusetts

"Had they ever seen these photos, the great impressionist painters would have marveled at their beautifully nuanced interspersion of colors." - James, Florida

"Your nature photos are among your best. The sand dunes at Dubai were indescribably beautiful." - Harv, Florida

"I admire your photography and would love to see more." - Rajan, India

"Terrific!!" - Wagner, Brazil

"Faltou dizer que voce e' Carioca da GEMA!!! Parabens pelo webiste, esta' muito bonito mesmo. " - Ricardo, Brazil

"Wow Bill, I never knew you were such a wonderful artist. Such beautiful photo's. Thanks for Sharing." - Craig, Massachusetts

"These photos are stunning! Absolutely gorgeous! They show serious talent." - Nancy, California 

"You are a true artist! What marvelous images! Your work is beautifully composed -- and there is great variety of subjects and styles." - Peter, Oregon

"Congratulations!!!!! Great job!" - Simone, Italy

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